Cardamoms Adventure

The Cardamom Mountains are amongst the most pristine wilderness area remaining in Southeast Asia, much of it largely unexplored. Its a place of astounding beauty, stunning waterfalls, amazing wildlife and some of the best dirt bike riding.

Itinerary (may be customised)

7 Days Itinerary Cardamom Experience 
The beautiful Cardamom Mountains offer a unique off-road adventure through rain forests, amazing waterfalls, jungle and scenic rivers to experienced riders who would like to experience technical trails with rocky hill climbing, sandy trails, mud and small river crossings.
Day 1 Phnom Penh - Kampong Chnnang. 140 kms
We start our ride through countryside and villages to enjoy mixing with the local community. In the afternoon we will take some technical trails in the forest to reach Kampong Chnnang and enjoy a drink on the Mekong riverbank for sunset. 
Accommodation: Mekong hotel with AC and hot shower. 
Day 2 Kampong Chnnang – Pursat. 125 kms
Adventure and challenging technical ride into remote areas with sandy trails and small river crossing. We will have our lunch break in a small village to let you experience the local food. We will continue our ride to reach a waterfall and will enjoy swimming in wild scenery.
Accommodation: hotel with AC and hot shower. 
Day 3 Veal Veng – Osom. 180 kms
Technical riding sections into deep jungle and rocky climbing. We will have a stop in Veal Veng village to get some fuel and have lunch then continue our ride in the beautiful Cardamom Mountains valley from West toward Southern region. We will have a nice overnight in Osom village located in the middle of nowhere and enjoy a delicious local food.
Accommodation: Guesthouse with basic comfort. 
Day 4 Osom - Koh Kong. 100 kms
An easie ride into the Cardamom Mountains through the Chinese dams enjoying the scenery of the big wild green. We will stop on the way for swimming in a cool waterfalls spot then continue our ride to Koh Kong and enjoy a cold beer on the beach. 
Accommodation: hotel with AC and hot shower. 
Day 5 Koh Kong - Chipat. 126kms
Areng Thmor Bang region is offering some beautiful river crossing and cool Enduro trails. We will stay at Chipat to visit some Eco-tourism and wild forest protection programs.
Accommodation: hotel with AC and hot shower. 
Day 6 Chipat - Kirirom National park. 150kms
Technical adventure riding in the forest of Kirimom National park.
Accommodation: Kirirom Resort with swimming pool. 
Day 7 Kirirom - Phnom Penh. 150kms
Back to the capital city through off-road sandy trails and forest. 
BOOK NOW Difficulty:

In dry season: medium 
In raining season: difficult to extreme.