Alain Chauffage - France

Custom tours - 2005 and 2006

"Our group was very pleased with the itineraries proposed by red raid. The trails mildly difficult to difficult but never impossible. The hotels are correct and the contact with the locals is very warm. We always feel in security"

Khyentse James - Chicago

Lost temples - 2005

My trip with Red Raid was the time of my life. I was blazing through the jungle with my guide Vuth riding on a top of the line motocross bike, past Monks on pilgrimage, lily ponds, houses on stilts in the sunset, and ancient Angkor temples. We even had to use a GPS system to navigate our way through the jungle. Vuth, a native Cambodian, told me historical information about the places we visited, communicated with locals to guide the way and turned me on to the most delicious Cambodian food. I've been riding motocycles for over 13 years and this adventure was like nothing I've ever experienced before. Opportunities like this are exactly why I travel. At any moment, with any person, the direction of your life could change. So pay attention!"

Beat Poet Allen Ginsberg

Gerry Casey - Ireland

Phnom Penh-Battambang - 2004

Hi guys,

Just wanted to say hello and reiterate what a wonderful experience I had riding with Red Raid. I think you guys ordered up that weather just for me too, didn't you !! Thanks so much for your kindness and your fabulous service. If you have a moment, I would love to receive an email of the photo you snapped. Cheers until next time, Gerry.

Peter - Australia

Temple custom tour - 2004

Experienced off road rider, participated in the Temple Tour: " Cambodia proved to be an unusal and highly interesting place to visit .....and you won't find any better riding ........ Off road bikes proved to be the best way to get around in a developing country. And seeing another country and culture makes up for what you miss out in the pure off road tracks." Concerning the food he added: " Everywhere we travelled the food was well prepared, delicious, plentiful and cheap."