7 days temples tour with Vut - October 2011

Hi Bernie and all the team at Red Raid

Well, what can I say? What a sensational time we had with Red Raid - there could be no better way to experience Cambodia than on dirt bikes, and we could have wished for no better tour that we had with your crew.
We were all delighted with how flexible the itinerary was, with yourself and Vut planning the route with us over a cold drink before departure, and leaving it open to change based on whatever we wanted to see and do, and the variable of our individual skill levels. We were also pretty rapt with the reliability of the gear - not a moment's bother anywhere.
Vut was an excellent guide, and bless him - heeded your advice implicitly "They are Australians - just make sure there is cold beer in the esky and all will be well!" Seriously though, Vut's knowledge of local temples, history, sociology, bike trails and routes, accommodation and restaurants, interesting sites and of course his expertise on and with the bikes really made the trip. We felt so comfortable and confident the whole time. He's also great company and a helluva lot of fun!
The Temples are exquisite - and we have all agreed that we would like to come back next year to do one of the other tours you offer. I really would (and DO!!) recommend you guys to anyone - a great outfit to suit the Aussie tourist looking for more that the usual boxes to tick!
All in all, It was awesome!! Many thanks to all the crew and we hope to see
you again in 2012.
Emma Bradbury

pictures at: https://picasaweb.google.com/farnsys/CambodiaTrailBikeAdventure17th25thDec2011

Carl Taylor 4 Persons

2 days tour around Phnom Penh with Vut - August 2011

Thanks for a good trip around Phnom Penh and Kiriom National Park last weekend! We enjoyed Vut's successful efforts of delivering a great mix of awesome trail riding and scenic cruising, which was just what we wanted. We really appreciated Vut's ability to adjust the level of difficulty to our driving skills.
Do you have availability for 5 people on 21-22 October?
Best regards
David & Karin

Yann Poirier & friends - France

3 day tour South with Reini - May 2011

Cher Bernard, Un immense merci à toi et à notre guide Reinhart pour l'organisation exemplaire de notre périple. Grace à vous 2, mes potes et moi avons passé une semaine inoubliable. Alternant des beaux paysages, des chemins enduro de toute nature, des villages typiques et un repos bien mérité au bord de l'eau. Malgrés de multiples rallyes-raid, des traversées de désert et d'innombrables périples sur tous les continents, je ne suis pas prêt d'oublier la chaleur et le sourire du peuple Khmer. Merci mille fois et surtout à tres vite! Yann de Shanghai

Dean Wallace - Vietnam - 5 persons + 2 kids + support vehicle

3 day tour South with Reini - May 2011

We had an absolute blast with Red Raid! Our group consisted of beginner and novice riders, both men and women. Our tour guides Vut and Peuv were extremely professional and accommodating to our skill levels. Not only was it a chance for to us to see the trails of Cambodia, but we also gained a ton of dirt biking skills. Red Raid Tours is extremely professional and the equipment is top notch! Congratulations, Bernie, on all your success and we will definitely be coming back to Cambodia the next chance we get! By the way, Rabbit Island is a must for everybody. It is exactly what people come to visit Southeast Asia for.

Theo Leung - USA

3 day Temple Tour with Reini - October 2010

Bernie / Reini
Sorry for the late response but we wanted to thank you for and Reini for showing us an awesome time in Cambodia in October and putting up with our beginner skill level!We recently went riding in Baja and the terrain was a lot more difficult than what we were riding in Cambodia so we were lucky to have 3 days of ridingin before heading out to Baja. I have attached some pictures from the trip for your records. Please let us know if you need another testimonial for your website and I’d be more than happy to draft something up. I recommended you guys to my friends Doug Cassey and Dean Wallace in Vietnam who told me they were planning on doing a 500 KM tour from Phnom Penh soon. Also I have a bunch of friends who want to ride in Cambodia so hopefully I will be back! Let us know if you are ever in the States and we can meet up and have a couple of drinks. Thanks!

Lance Reinhardt - Singapore

5 days South tour with Vut - April 2011

The tour through southern Cambodia exceed my expectation in every regard the scenery, food, and riding were all incredible. Vut was the perfect guide he navigated us through every rice patty and ox chart trail with ease. He provided the perfect trail / ride depending on the mood and energy level of the day and after a hard day of riding he tuned the bikes and found the best resturants around.
I have lived and traveled all over the world and Cambodia is by far the best value with the friendliest people that I have ever experieinced. Make sure sure your fitness is good to get the most out of the trip. The guides will never tire and there is always more to see...

Michael Limtiaco

5 day Temple tour with Reini - Mid March 2011

Thanks to Red Raid for putting on a very memorable tour. The five of us thank you for great bikes, even better tour guides, and memories that will last forever. We are looking forward to our next trip to Cambodia and our next Red Raid Tour.

Willy Braichet -Switzerland

9 days Remote Temple and NorthEast tour with Vuth - February 2011

Salut Bernie
Merci encore pour le tour moto,je regarde les photos et je garde un très bon souvenir de ce voyage.
nous sommes très bien rentré
La reprise du travail a été très dur.
Salutation à Vut, guide exeptionnel ,très sympa, compétent, ponctuel ,il est une perle pour les tours moto
salutation à Poev, plus réservé mais tout aussi sympa, et la technique de donner sa moto pendant qu'il répare celle du client, extra
Titou, garçon extra remplaçera facilement Daniel en cas de problème (il fait déjà pas mal, Daniel sait très bien lui délèguer des tâches)
Encore merci et peux-ètre !!!

Ng Joo Kee -Singapore

6 days North-east tour with Nick - February 2011

Hi Bernie,
What a way to see Cambodia, the north-east to be exact. Even though it's been more than a month since the trip, the memories are still there to talk about.
The ride, the bike, the journey and Nick the guide, everything was what I expected, if not, more. It's the best Chinese New Year holidays I have ever had. Thanks for the adventure.
Ng Joo Kee

Tim and Dirk - Germany

7 days Custom tour with Reini - February 2011

Hello Bernard,
sorry for the delayed mail, but we are very busy and we are back in our daily routine.Last week it was very cold in Schleswig-Holstein -10 degrees. So we had to wear lot of clothes and it was very hard for us. Here is our report:
With our guide Reini we got the first prize. Together with him we made the tour plan across Cambodia in your bike shop one day before. The journey began very simple, so Reini could see our level. And the next days we could improve our driving level. So we made a trip through the cardamom mountains. Our enthusiasm got better each day, and at the begin of our trip we had not the faintest idea what kind of adventure we should have. We have seen so much and very hidden places. And Reini had all time a joke for the locals and us too, so that we are the whole time in high spirits. It was a very good and perfect trip. The guest houses are better than we expected.An especially thank-you to your mechanic's. The bikes were perfect and in very good conditions.May be it's possible that we are coming back in the next years.Thank you very much for the good Organisation and the very special trip.
Tim and Dirk

Chris Burns and the Beer Killers Team - Australia

Northern Temples and the South with Reiny and Nick - January 2011

I just wanted to thank you and your team for a fantastic trip around Cambodia.
The tour guides, Reinhardt and Nick were an excellent combination and their local knowledge made our trip bloody awesome.Their language skills and track knowledge made all the difference on this trip and we got to sites rarely seen by other visitors to Cambodia and this made for some really special moments.
The guides excellent knowledge saw us spending time in some quality hotels at very reasonable prices and the entire beer killer team enjoyed the "off road" as much as the "in pub".
For some of the team, it was their first ever experience in Asia and thanks to the support and assistance from Nick and Reinhardt has ensured it will not be their last trip either.
The hotels chosen are awesome, comfortable and clean and I highly recommend the guides and your tour company to anyone that wants to truly see the real Cambodia.
I would also like to mention the fact that the bikes were very well maintained and a pleasure to ride.
We will be back
cheers from
CJ, Angie Mae and the Beer Killer Tour Team

Michael Johnson - USA

5 days temples tour - January 2011

Thanks for a great tour. Rainy is an exceptional guide and we really got to some out of the way places. But everywhere we went they knew Rainy. The mix of highway, gravel, local roads and tracks was great and I felt challenged often, in a good way. I was just getting the knack of riding deep Cambodian sand by the end!
This is the only way to get to see remote Cambodia and we came across hidden temples, Mekong waterfalls, lost villages, primitive river crossings and smiling, helpful people that I would never have got to see without your tour.
The bike was great (Honda 400XR) and with Rainy's help we got through pretty much everything despite our advancing years (60 next birthday). I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Thanks again. Michael Johnson, Sydney

Didier Lorphelin - France

9 days South tour with Vut - December 2010

6 années que je fais des raids en moto au Cambodge, et toujours fidèle à Raid Red, son manager, ses motos, ses guides....
Je ne suis ni un aventurier ni un risque-tout....seulement depuis 6 ans je retourne régulièrement au Cambodge faire de la moto, j'ai commencé j'avais 55 ans, j'y pense 2 mois avant et j'en rêve 3 mois après, j'y ai emmené des copains qui sont tous devenus accros comme moi...je me suis toujours adressé à Red Raid, et puis j'ai écouté ( et suivi, même à mon corps défendant parfois !) les conseils de Bernard Merklen le patron, j'ai suivi son guide cambodgien Vuth du nord au sud et d'est en ouest dans tout le Cambodge, j'en ai parfois" bavé", j'ai roulé sur des nationales, des pistes de latérite poussiéreuses et j'ai traversé les forêts sur des pistes de 50 cm de large, j'ai dormi dans des resorts de luxe et dans des cabanes en bois sans moustiquaire dans des coins du bout du monde , j'ai été crasseux comme un porc plusieurs jours de suite et puis lustré le jour d'après ...le pied quoi !!!
Des crevaisons ? ben oui, et puis aussi la moto embourbée jusqu'au moyeux, la trouille devant des ponts de planches disloquées , des chutes, des problèmes mécaniques mineurs ( mais j'avais Vuth avec moi)
Il faut être super équipé, combine, bottes, protections, casque, gants...prudent, respecter la façon que les cambodgiens ont de conduire ou piloter ( en fait ils n'ont aucune façon, ça rend l'occidental humble !) , s'adapter aux animaux, suivre un guide si on veut faire un vrai trail et du "hard"....tout ça c'est Bernard et Vuth qui me l'ont appris...
Jamais je ne me suis senti en insécurité...

ais je ne me suis senti en insécurité... Andrew Knight group (5 persons) - Australia

6 days Northern Cambodia - October 2010

G'day Bernie
Thanks again for the awesome trip, your team were outstanding very professional and alot of fun! we're recommending you to our mates so hopefully soon you'll have to put up with more bloody aussies!
We're also trying to put together a box of more supplies to go to a underprivlaged school that we visited. Vuth and Daniel are happy to drop it off when they go past the school as long as your ok with them doing that. We can throw in a slab of beer in thanks. Or pay you if it's an incovence and we understand it might take a while to have both Vuth and Daniel heading that way. What are your thoughts?
Thanks mate
Tristan baker

Jaimie Dormer and friends - Australia

10 days Northern/Southern Cambodia - September 2010

Bernie, Reini, Peov, Danny, & Tatoo,

And all of the other guys at Red Raid,
Firstly I would like to apologise for the time it has taken to write this email, I have been very busy and have simply forgot to attend to this.
I thought that your business and it's staff were very professional, the equipment spot on and the knowledge and tolerance of the guys was excellent.

I believe that each and all of our team enjoyed almost every moment of the trip, as there were a few moments where we had differences of opinion, crashes, hangovers, sickness etc, but I reckon that is what really makes a trip a rememberable one. Bernie, you probably are proud of your business but I will again reiterate that I thought what you provided with regard to gear, advise, equipment, personal etc was a credit to all, well done and thank you.

Renee, I hope that you have had your coffee this morning, your expertise was appreciated, your attention to matters of safety, first aid, area knowledge etc was always there, a great guide & leader, except for the flattened motel near the Thailand border ??
Peel, tail end charlie, boy you are patient, I know I tested you always with my photography, pulling up taking a photo and catching up, thanks Danny, get a beer mate, your a good workhorse, you got the packing down pat, thanks Tatoo, I know this is not how to spell your name, I am sorry, but everyone knows that you are a genuine chick magnet. Thanks for filling in for Steve & Phill when they needed your help.
Anyway enough said, you all did a great job, and I would be happy to refer your business on to anyone that is considering riding around Cambodia, Thanks from all of us.

PS: I am slowly uploading photos of the trip to my website, www.jdphotographics.com it will take me a while as
Macka & I am about to leave for Antarctica next Friday, so keep an eye on it as I will get them there. Feel
free to use it as a reference site for your own bike trips if you wish, cheers

Shang Tsuei - USA

North Cambodia - April 2010

Trip of a lifetime. Totally amazing, scary at times, and most importantly real.

Dirk and Bob - UK

Eastern Cambodia - April 2010

Hello Bernie,

Many thanks for a great trip through eastern Cambodia, everything was perfectly organised, the XR250 is definitely a good bike and we all enjoyed ourselfs a lot. It was a great time! I can't wait to come back for another tour. Reini was clearly the best tour guide ever. I am still amazed by the absolutely impressive landscape, stunning views, incredible waterfalls and all the friendly locals. looking forward to see you guys again... -

Dirk- Mikhail and Daria -Russia

Lost Temples - April 2010

Hello, Bernard!

Thank you for the amazing tour organization! Only because of it, we had enough time to see all we had planned to visit in Cambodia on our way from Vietnam to Thai. Roads were perfectly chosen for our skills: it was very fun, interesting and safe! And the places were unforgettable. Even after we saw the Angkor temples, it appears that the most impressive for me was Preah Vihear Temple, and the Thai border, that you had recommended us to visit. It was awesome! Special thanks and regards to Vuth for improving our bike skills, best teaching and guiding. He literally made us ride! :) Thank you all for these days, fun photos, Cambodia roads, vegetarian dinners and of course for the best company, that we even could imagine in bike tour! :)

Mikhail and Daria (Russia)

Shang Tsuei - USA

North Cambodia - April 2010


Trip of a lifetime. Totally amazing, scary at times, and most importantly real.

Sincerely, Shang

Peter and Michael Dooley Singapore -Australia

North and South-West of Cambodia - December 2009 and 2010

Hi Bernie, Firstly, sorry for taking this long to get back to you after the trip. Catching with work and family keeps us busy and time just flies away. We had a fabulous time as you can imagine. The tour design was perfect: adventurous, fun and yet very safe. We've seen many magnificent sights on the way from SiemReap to Phnompenh which never been seen by tourists - a huge privilege. The ride was fun and our tour guide- Reini was simply the BEST. Beside a great rider, good communication with the local (he speaks the lingo) - he is very good with the camera as well. He woke up early to get some great snap shots of the sunrise and took some amazing pictures during the entire trip. He no doubt was born to do this job:=). We have a nick name for him: Tigger (as in Winnie the Pooh)- never rests. We were very lucky to have him as our guide and we would like to pass a huge thank to him. Our mates are jealous as hell seeing our pictures. We would recommend your company to any fellow riders. All the very best for the 2010. Happy riding! Cheers, Peter and Michael Dooley Singapore -Australia