Cardamoms - June 2016

What an awesome experience! There were three of us for five days led by the super cool and talented Cross. We had a very warm welcome in Phnom Penh to check out the bikes and all the gear we could borrow (there was loads!) and off we went the next day. 
Over the five days we experienced all types of terrain, sand, mud, hills, forest, river crossings and of course jungle. 
I cannot recommend these guys enough! The bikes were solid, our guide was excellent and even though our riding skills ranged from beginner to advanced we all had an excellent time. 
Thanks Bernie, super cool.


The south - October 2016

Great Experience! Rode in a support vehicle while a friend was touring on a bike. We booked just a few weeks in advance, doing a custom tour of the south. Guides were helpful and the driver was eager to communicate history of sites visited Communication was great and service was professional. Can't wait to return and ride this time!


The south with Thack - October 2016

We did a 4 day tour of the south of Cambodia starting from Phnom Pehn. This was one of the most amazing experiences we have had in our years of travelling. My wife ( the pillion or as I often refer to her- fun anchor or motorbike safety officer) and I hired a Honda Translap 650 and we were placed in the hands of our tour guide Cross Thack. I will here on refer to Cross as the human GPS. There is not a road or track in Cambodia that he doesn't know. He took some time to see how competent I was on a bike before we went off into the wilderness of southern Cambodia. Some amazing riding through rice paddies , palm oil and rubber plantations. A fantastic ride up mount Bakor to the abandoned fence hotel and Catholic Church. I could go on and on but all in all we had a brilliant 4 days. Thanks to Bernie and Tha, the owner and manager, for helping us put the tour together and recommending Cross as our guide. He could not do enough to make our trip memorable and comfortable. He is a gem.

Gary, Paul and Stephen from Ireland

5 day tour in the South with Leng - December 2015

Just a few words to tell you how special you and you company Red Raid made our once in a life time bike trip to Cambodia 
We could not have wished for more the bikes were amazing all the punishment we put them through and not a miss fire in 5 days which is so important on trips like that 
Leng our guide made us feel so safe and navigated us through the jungle with persion what a guy and he must have patience of a Saint to have put up with us 3 for 5 days 
Once again thanks for everything you did for us and please god we will see you soon for trip 2 

Regards Gary Stephen and Paul

David Hood, Canada

1 day tour around Phnom Penh with Thach - march 2015


An old cliche says "You get what you pay for." That's often true. Sometimes you get more than you pay for. I left your place with that feeling. You asked me what I wanted. I said a one day off road tour at the beginner level around Phnom Penh. You outfitted me from head to toe in properly fitted riding gear. You put me on a mechanically sound machine. In front of me you placed a friendly knowledgeable guide. Off we went. Its a dangerous sport. My guide didn't pamper me, but didn't leave me feeling deserted either and any questions I asked were met with patience and good direction.The ride was suited to my skill level and at the same time challenging. Hard to expect more than that. Thanks for a great day! 
Ok, thanks again. Be in touch soon.
David Hood

2 days tour Dexter Tai and friends, 6 people

South with Chea and Than - January 2015

Hey Bernie, 
Meant to send this to you earlier but getting back to reality has been really tough.
Thank you so much for putting together such a fantastic experience. The pre arrival arrangements were seamless, the 2 days and 1 night with our appointed guides Chea and Than was just amazing and the riding terrain was just right for our group of novice to intermediate riders. Going for the off road tour was really the icing on the cake in such a hospitable and beautiful country.
We will definitely be back for more! 
Dexter Jr Tai


Harry Van Haelen and friends (4 people) with Thach

4 days south - August 2014

3 days in the South of Cambodia We really had a great time with our guide Thack and we felt we were in good hands during the whole trip. He managed to mix trails with breathtaking views and technical parts perfectly. He also gave us good riding advices. Day 2, I was sick and fainted on my bike. Thack transported me on his moto in a difficult part to the nearest village where I could eat, drink and rest. For our first enduro trip, we had a blast ! Thank you Thack and Bernie !

Leanne Egglestone - Australia

4 days around Siem Reap with Vut and CRF450 - May 2014

Hi Bernie,

Just wanted to say thank you for the ride the boys did, they all enjoyed it and compliments to both Vut and Nak, they really looked after them and made them feel very safe and happy.
Kind regards



Hi Bernie and Vut

Last weekend was a blast! Out of my six MX trips to Cambodia, riding in the south on the CRF450 last weekend was probably the best so far. The south offered a great variety of riding and three days was just enough for this route. Just as usual, Vut guided us through both challenging but fun technical passages, and beautiful and scenic trails. He took us through the best terrain, assisted with hotel reservations and made sure we got to try the best food in the region.

Great fun - I look forward to be back shortly!!!





Hi bernie it's michael , we came on a tour recently on the southern round and as promised here is some feed back for your web page,

Trails: very good variety of tracks and trails. Thach, our guide, gave us sand, scrub rocks and large roads on which we could take a breather on after the more technical routes, it was a very balanced selection but also remained challenging throughout the week. The great thing about the tours Red Raid runs are that the days and trails are as hard or as easy going as we want, the guides were really flexible.

The accommodation was always good, and the restaurants that were recommended by our guides always left us satisfied !

The support given to our group by the backup crew was excellent, I really appreciated the care they took of us and a big thanks need to go out to the driver of the support care who made sure the esky was full of cold beers at the end of the day.

Thanks again for the great experience and ill be back again next year for sure

Cheers hammy


South tour with Reini - November 2012

Hello Bernie, Do we need more words to say we had a great adventure with the Red Raid Group: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3zxlQpNc1o Cambodia 2012 – The Belgian Riders. Don’t know if you have seen it yet. Regards, Dirk


3 days south tour with Vut - November 2012

Hi Bernie Just a note to say thanks once again for arranging a fantastic trip. All of it was brilliant, the bikes the route and accommodation all of it. Give our regards to Vut. without him it would not have happened.he was great.Never know may be in touch in the near future. All the best to you and the rest of the team .Tony Steve and Nick

GRANT COX (5 persons)- UK (Green Lane Crew

3 days south tour with Vut - November 2012

Just to say we had a fantastic time, the bikes were spot on and ideal for the job.
Vut was a great guide leading at just the right pace.
We covered just about every sort of terrain possible and saw some amazing sites.
As ever dirt biking took us to places that otherwise we would never have seen.
Cambodia is an amazing place, and the people are just wonderful.
Red Raid are doing a fantastic job and we cant wait to go back.

Many thanks



6 days tour with Vut - September 2012

We had a fantastic dirt bike experience with Red Raid. They are a professional outfit, and our guide was knowledgeable, friendly, and always helpful. We had plenty of flexibility to modify our itinerary throughout the trip and our guide’s knowledge of Cambodia ensured we explored and experienced parts of the country and culture you wouldn’t get in a regular tour. We can’t wait to come back and do it again!


6 days South and cardamoms with thach - August 2012

Hi Bernie,
I'm back in Shanghai now, I hope you are fine.I wanted to thank you again for the warm welcome and the amazing tourI experienced.Perfect mix! I had riding training, I rode in many differentconditions, I had the opportunity to stop in the small villages in therice fields and spend time with Cambodian people. Thanks, Regards,


South and cardamoms with thach - April 2012

This should probably be directed more towards any number of motorcycle magazines as my amateur writing is not the memorial this trip deserves. Multiple pages of glossy professional photos, extravagant descriptions of each stop etc...but I digress. First of all, credit goes to Bernie and the staff at the headquarters. The XR250 they provided me resolved, at least for me, a debate amongst my friends in the states who all thought the 250 would be underpowered. It was the perfect mount for the trip, and the bike was in great mechanical shape sitting on better tires than my personal bike at home. I saw other rental XR's and as a serious hobbyist mechanic, take my word...they're junk. Thatch led me out of Phnom Penh and quickly into the trails. It didn't take more than 30 minutes to realize we were already somewhere I'd never find on any map. Sand, mud, rocks, water, hard pack, single track, hill climbs, and bridge crossings you must see to believe...every terrain was covered during our trip. My favorite analogy of the deep jungle trails, is for you to pick your favorite tropical bush, stick your face into the center,and pretend you're doing 40km/hr. When you pass a local in flip flops, and on a scooter you will be humbled. The food was amazing, for those of you worried I had zero stomach problems and left every meal with food still on the table or uncomfortably full. If you go hungry its your own fault. Accommodations were more than comfortable, but if you've never camped, don't expect to go to a remote temple and live in 3 star settings. Personally, the remote guest houses amongst the locals was the best adventure and next time I'll try to stay in more. They call it a homestay for a good reason. Now to dote on Mr. Thatch, better known as #10 in the racing community. A modest national motocross champion, and passionate rider he's not going to hold you up. If you ride fast, he'll just ride faster, but if you're like me, and like to look around every now and then, you'll soon find him not too far ahead waiting in the shade, or already doubled back looking for you after your latest crash. Most times arriving before I could peel myself off the ground. Guys like this should never sit behind a desk as his office IS the jungle. Fluent in English, French, and his native Khmer he will lead you far and wide with a wealth of information about any dumb thing you can think of. Friendly, energetic, professional, mechanically inclined, truly 10/10 guide rating. If you're fortunate enough to be a descent human and end up in his home town, expect a great time!! On a final note, ride the villages in second gear, and practice your wheelies now, as around every bend there is a new group of children running out to the road to cheer you on...and since they expect this even over the roughest terrain, practice some power slides too!!! "I'm not Superman...he's the one behind me!"

Ben Lathrop
Aspen, Colorado USA
8 days Southwest Tour


South tour with thach - February 2012

Hi Bernie,
What can I say? It keeps getting better. This is my second trip. The bike was good, the ride was fantastic, the country and its people were beautiful, all made possible by Red Raid and a competent guide called Thach.
He was always on the lookout for off roads that are suitable for me. He was able to match the appropriate roads and tracks to my riding skill to ensure my ride is enjoyable. Although I’m a novice, he gave me the right kind of roads to keep me challenged. He’s always on the lookout for my safety, negotiable, attentive to my needs, suggests accommodations to my likings, immersed me into Cambodia’s daily life through its food and people.
In summary, it was an enjoyable time well spent.
Thanks again.
Ng Joo Kee
PS: please give me your contact for motorbike rides in Laos.


7 days north-east tour with Reini - January 2012

To all the team at the bike shop and especially our expert guide Reini thanks for another great ride through cambodia Siem Reap to Phnom Penh as always the people were nice even if we were ripping through there town and the tracks just as expected reini new all the best spots to ride stay and stop for lunch and keep us amused along the way Mondulkiri was the highlight of the trip for me where we stayed and the thick jungle loops we rode each day including up to the Vietnam border for a chat with the guard thanks again for an awsome trip see u next time.

Angela, ian & jarrad farnsworth - Australia

5 days temples tour with Vut - December 2011

Vut was very good and very patient and tailored the tour according to our skill levels and as we gained confidence Vut then could mix things up a bit for us. We loved the flexibility of the tour and the fact that we were not locked into anything and could change or drop or add things as we needed to. Riding is definitely a fantastic way to experience the country, the temples were pretty special and quite different to anything that we have seen before. The accommodation was good and again very happy with not being locked into set menus etc for meals.
Thanks for making this a very special experience for us!


emple tour with thach - October 2011

Hi Bernie,

Myself, and my brother and another friend did a tour with your company last year in november with thy as our guide.
I have been meaning to get around to writing a testimonial but just kept forgetting until now.
All of us who went on the holiday agreed it was probably the best holiday we've had!
There is no better way to see the real Cambodia than on two wheels. It was excellent to be able to ride through so much different terrain and see different scenery everyday.
Also the fact that we could decide our own route was fantastic. We have to give a big shout out to our guide thy as well. He was always happy to help make the trip as enjoyable for us as he could. Top bloke!and please say hi to him for us!All in all, one of the most memorable trips we've ever had and defnately one we'll speak highly about and recommend to anyone who asks!

Many thanks!