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    Touring with Africa Twin bikes around Kompong Cham - North-east adventures
  • c7dbf-5.jpg
    Seaside at Sihanoukville a nice way to end a trip to the south - The South tour
  • a3c7d-For-Sam-Cambodian-Scene_60.JPG
    An amazing trail in the jungle, cardamom adventures tour
  • ce579-Angkor-Wat-Cambodia-Landscape-Wallpaper.jpg
    Sunset on the famous angkor wat temple in Siem Reap - Around Siem Reap tour
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    Angkorian temples are surrounded with jungle - Around Siem Reap tour
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We have been in the business since 2001 and we are proud to offer you a quality service for your motorcycle touring or dirt bike trip in Cambodia.

Looking for a laid back tour, go for the big bikes: Honda Africa Twin 750 or Transalp 600/650. Looking for a more adventurous tour choose between the Honda XR250 or even CRF-X450. We will just adapt to your needs!

Tours are starting from Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (only Lost Temples tour and Around Siem Reap). To discover Cambodia in safe conditions on a dirt bike or a touring bike (Africa twin or Transalp), even if you are a beginner, there are many itineraries. For the more advanced riders, Cambodia is a motorcycle paradise that will surely give you the ride of your life! Cambodia is a great country to be discovered on a bike.

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Featured Tours

The South

The South has many to offer, remote temples, Bokor mountain, forest and jungle trails, exotic

Lost temples

Angkor Wat and Siem Reap are not to be missed, but you may find it a bit crowded. Going in

North East Adventures

North east regions are different from other areas in the country. They are among the less

Cardamoms Adventures

The Cardamoms mountains are the wildest area in Cambodia, extremely difficult in raining

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